Content Expert

"The teacher candidate plans instruction that is aligned with state standards and instructional standards of profession discipline organizations. The teacher candidate plans instructional units that demonstrate pedagogical expertise, including the use of technology and the relationships between effective teaching and assessment."

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A content expert knows the subject area well
and uses that knowledge to plan and teach meaningful lessons.

Artifact 1: Dance of the Molecules Lesson (Special Education-2nd grade Inclusion)

Lesson Plan

Student's notes during lesson                                                                 Student's drawings of molecules in different states of matter
Molecule Notes         
Molecule Illustrations

Students' drawings of molecules when drops first added and then five minutes later
  Molecules illustrations   molecule illustrations  molecule illustrations 

    This is one of two science lessons I had the opportunity to teach during my special education placement.. This is a science experiment that the 2nd grade teacher provided me with and asked me to teach for her class. The class had recently ended a unit on the different states of matter. In this lesson, students added drops of food dye into water at varying temperatures: hot, warm, and cold. The students made observations about the water and drew what they saw. After five minutes, they again drew how the water looked. The class shared what conclusions they had drawn and I wrote them on a transparency. Afterwards, we did the "Dance of the Molecules". We acted out how molecules behave in a solid, a liquid, and a gas.

    This piece of evidence shows that I meet the qualifications of a content expert. I did this by extending what the class had been discussing into a information-filled, engaging activity. This lesson was a challenge for me since I had not planned and taught a science experiment before. The lesson itself was quite successful; the students did not have any idea how molecules behaved in matter, and they demonstrated an understanding of the concept after the activity.

    While there are several ways I would improve this lesson before teaching it again, I still believe it is a good, solid lesson.

Artifact 2: Reading Comprehension (Special Education-3rd grade Reading resource)

Reading Comp     Reading Comp.

    When I first started teaching the third grade reading resource group, I had only two students. Their reading levels were close so I was able to give them the same work. On this assignment, I asked them to read the passage and answer the questions. To help them find information from the story, they underlined or highlighted key words. This has proven the most successful method to improve their reading comprehension skills.
    I found this story in a book that the resource teacher gave me. I selected it because of the moral of the story. I wanted the students to understand that if they are determined, they can achieve their goal. This was a new concept to them and they seemed appreciative. Hopefully, this will stay in their mind.
    This demonstrates my ability as a content expert because it shows that I provide appropriate materials to increase the reading skills of my students. This particular story was the right reading level, but the concept posed a challenge for them.

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