Human Respiratory System Model



Unit: The Human Body



Science, 5th Grade

8.      Identify major body systems and their functions, including the circulatory system, respiratory system, excretory system, and reproductive system.







1.      Have students get out the respiratory worksheet completed a few days earlier.

2.      Use this worksheet to go over the respiration process with the students.  Ask the students questions, guiding them in the discussion.

3.      Once the students have properly traced the respiration path and correctly named the parts, recap the process for the students.

4.      Write the names of the parts on the board.

5.      Explain to the students that they are now going to make a model of the respiratory system to help them visualize the process.

6.      Show pre-made model to students.

7.      Place students in pairs.  Have one student from each group come to the table to receive supplies.

8.      Explain to the students that they will make their models as a class.  Tell them not to work ahead, but follow directions as a class.

9.      Have students insert straws into the balloons and tape together at the top. (Show example).  These are the bronchial tubes and the lungs.

10.  Insert the straws through the top of the bottle, with the balloons being inside.  (Show example).

11.  Stuff the neck of the bottle with cotton balls around the straws until the spaces are filled. (Show example).

12.  Roll construction paper into a tube just round enough to fit over the tops of the straws and tape closed. (Show example).  This will be the trachea.

13.  Place the plastic bag over the bottom end of the bottle and use the rubber band to secure it in place.  (Show example).  This will be the diaphragm.

14.  Show the students how to grasp the bottom of the plastic bag and pull down and push up.  Have the students watch as the “lungs” expand and contract as you do this.



For those students who may not be able to keep up as well, pair them with another student who will be able to explain to them what is going on.



Take up the worksheet the students filled out, with the description of each part of the respiratory system.  Try to involve each student in the discussion.