Google Search Helper
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Google is generally acknowledged as the best Internet search engine, in part because of the large number of web pages indexed. The number of pages indexed means that you may have hundreds of thousands of pages returned by an unfocused search. The search boxes below will pass your search words to the Google search page with the search pre-focused as the buttons indicate. For example, if you are looking for a faculty handbook provision regarding disability leave, you would enter the words "disability leave" in the box to the left of the button below entitled "Faculty Handbooks." When you are looking for a commonly used phrase, it is usually best to put the phrase in quotes when you enter it into the search box, but you do not have to do so. As a rule, using quotes will reduce the number of hits returned by Google. For more information from Google on choosing search words, click here for basic rules and click here for advanced concepts.

CAUTION: To best use Google, you need to go to the Google Advanced Search or to a site such as Fagan Finder which allows you to construct a search that meets your particular needs. The searches below for Faculty Handbooks, Staff Handbooks, Policies, and Forms will help you find college and university web pages of the type indicated concerning the subject you enter into the search box to left of each those buttons, However, certain assumptions were made in focusing those searches. Those assumptions may not meet your needs in every case. And, you will always get some useless results. The search boxes and buttons below for NACUA Web, the Departments of Education and Labor, the EEOC, and the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services allow you to search those sites to the extent that Google indexes them. Each of those sites has its own more comprehensive internal search capabilities which you may go to by clicking on the name of the site where found in the last sentence. The Google Site Flavored Custom Search Box allows you to search what Google considers to be sites focused on education, law and government.

If you do not find what you want within the first four or five pages of results, you should probably rephrase the search or "refine" by clicking on "Search within results" at the bottom of the Google search results page. This will provide a search box into which you may type additional words to further limit your query. For instance, if you began by entering "disability" in the box to the left of "Search Faculty Handbooks" and thousands of results, you might click of "Search within results" and add the word "physical" or the word "mental" to reduce the number of results appropriate to your interests.


If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions for additional sites or pre-focused search topics, please contact Bill Woodward